Every property owner (and their neighbours!) needs quality and functional fencing that will not only survive the tough Queensland environment but will also complement the existing design and features of your property.

SS Scapes has more than 25 years of experience in keeping both sides of the fence happy. We offer a variety of fencing types and styles that will suit any backyard.

Good Neighbour

Good neighbour timber fencing famously lives up to its name - importantly it is identical on both sides and beautiful from all angles with the palings approximately having a 40mm gap between each and mirrored each side of the fence. The front on this fencing style will appear as a privacy fence but standing to the side you can see into the neighbouring property giving you the advantage of breeze being able to flow through both backyards.

From the perspective of both neighbours, there are no ‘bad’ sides.


There are many advantages of having a lapped/capped fence with the most obvious being maximum privacy.  Timber palings are overlapped leaving no gap to view what is happening in your neighbour’s backyard. It also makes for a handy sound barrier, reducing noise from neighbours and even traffic.

Treated pine timber and hardwood posts are the most common type of materials used for this type of fencing, ensuring your fence lasts for many years.


This is the most economical of all SS Scapes fencing options.  Butted fencing refers to when the palings “butt” up against each other.  Despite palings being placed closely together, sometimes a slight gap can open up between palings.

All our timber fencing have the option of using galvanised steel posts to increase the lifetime of the fence.


Colourbond fences are famously Australian, have been around for generations and are always a popular choice among homeowners. With multiple colours to choose from, it's easy to coordinate Colourbond fences with the existing colours of your home.  They also come in a wide range of panel styles and designs, ensuring a great look on both sides of the fence.  When installed correctly, Colourbond fences do not have any vertical gaps, visible footholds or loose palings – making this a very secure option.  A popular option is to pair your Colorbond panels with hardwood posts.


If you are looking to capture the distinguished look of yesteryear, picket fences could be the fence design that accentuates the beauty of your home. Picket fences of course are easily recognisable by their evenly spaced vertical palings that are attached to horizontal rails. It’s a classic look that remains the choice for many older style or beach cottage homes.


Rural fencing can be used to fence large scale farms or a small acreage block.  For rural properties looking for a fence option that is economical, durable and effective in enclosing stock, plain wire fences or post/rail fences are the two most common options.  The plain wire fence usually has two or more wires strung between wooden posts, while the post/rail fencing is the combination of wooden posts and rails with wire strands. Both options are incredibly durable.  Another option is to combine posts/rails with mesh to keep your pets in and other animals out!

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